Misplaced Hope

Moonstone Beach is memories. A first kiss, painful goodbyes, a childhood in the surf and sand and river. I have picnicked here, lost my clothes and found warmth and ecstasy in a lover here, discovered in deafening silence the vast distance between you and me. And today I watch the sunset, and two dogs running in surf, barking at waves. Further out, a pair of surfers are paddling to sea. Unfortunately, there is a vast fog bank stretching north and south as far as the eye can see, so really, I have to imagine the sun setting behind pink-tinged fog.

I try not to get my hopes up that you will join me. It would not be a Humboldt County beach without the skunky stench of weed, would it? Still, I would not mind a few hits myelf to dull my hopes. I would make a fool of myself, hacking and gagging, but if it quelled my hope for you and suppressed the eventual dissapointment of no you, it would be worth it. Some day I hope to have the words to express how I feel when you are not with me. As every day ends, I say goodbye, my love.

2 thoughts on “Misplaced Hope

  1. Jennifer Meredith Dodd

    yea, Moonstone is…um Epic. Most of my memories( of which there are few) have the backdrop of Moonstone.

  2. natoslug

    I don’t know what it says about the soundtrack of my life, other than that I need to update my playlist to include something from this millenium, but I rounded the corner on Moonstone just as Plainsong (The Cure) started, and headed back up after Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Pretenders) ended. Maybe I let my music affect my mood too much.


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