Come again?

(warning, some may find my included links NSFW)

Some days you learn way more than you ever wanted to know, whether it be about home remedies for depression, or the latest in yoghurt toppings.

I am still trying to decide if the PT article is an attempt to convince women to have more unprotected sex with psychologists (“Hey baby, what’s your sign? Want a little injection of antidepressant?”) or completely serious. Somehow I missed the sourced article in Scientific American, although I am guessing it was only in the online version, not the print version.

As for Mr. Yoghurt, all I can say is I hope you have developed a taste for the stuff, because you are probably going to be receiving your own tainted samples in prison. Sorry dude, but what you did is WRONG!

And as disgusting as Yoghurt Love was, the majority of the commenters on both of the yoghurt links are just as offensive and wrong. They bounce between claiming she deserved it because she can identify the taste of semen, and claiming that, with a last name of Garcia, of course he is going to do something like this be he is obviously here illegally. I am not sure if these people fall into the category of stupid or evil, or if it is a bit of both. First, no person, deserves to be assaulted, sexually or otherwise. There is no dress code that excuses rape or assault. Neither is there a conduct code.

As for identifying someone’s legal status in this country — really, are you that stupid? Even if he were here illegally, which is not stated in the article and should not be an issue, how does that make it more likely that he would do something like this? Illegal immigrants manage to stay here by avoiding possible confrontations with the law. Donating to the Jizz of the Month club is not an inconspicuous action. Assholes who hate women do this sort of thing, which is a description that crosses nationalities and residency statuses. This was not about immigration, this was about power and hate.

So let us have a quiz. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, congratulations!- your a complete and utter douche:
1. A woman deserves whatever happens to her if she is dressed alluringly.
2. A woman deserves whatever happens to her if she is sexually active.
3. A woman deserves whatever happens to her if she can identify semen.
4. You can tell whether someone should be in this country or not by their name.
5. You find slipping a little sperm into other people’s food amusing.

Hopefully everyone I know scores a zero on today’s quiz.

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  1. Jennifer O

    Umm, yeah. And I used to love greek style yogurt. I knew there was a reason I did not try store samples unless it is at Costco. And then NO yogurt!!


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