Sunsets And Hula Hoops

I realize that, other than perhaps in the context of “Ow, I think I broke my . . . ” (yes, thank you, always delightful Mrs. M, for your kind words and mockery on that point. 😛 I’m getting better, I swear! ‘Tis but a scratch . . . I’ll be back to guarding my bridge in no time), hipness and I are worlds apart. My hairstyle can be best described as “Don’t you think it’s time for a haircut?” and my clothes, almost exclusively purchased by others as I am not all that keen on shopping, are usually whatever I wore the day before. Fortunately, it is not turtles all the way down, as I am reminded that bathing is somewhat mandatory in polite company, and clean clothes do find their way onto me occasionally.

Given all that, I have been surprised to discover the return of the hula-hoop, something I thought was even less hip than I am. The first time I noticed the return of the hula was several weeks ago, when a pair of nicely dressed scantily-clad college-aged women were practicing some fascinating routines on Moonstone. I watched them for the artistry of their graceful movements, of course, not for their near-nudity and frequent pelvic thrusts.

Since then, I have come across hula-hoopers several more times on Moonstone. These repeat hoopers have not been as elaborate in their routines, nor have they been anywhere nearly as undressed. I find it fascinating, having always associated hula-hoops with 8-12 year old children, not adults. Then again, there are adult dodgeball leagues, and I am sure somewhere out there the tetherball is planning a comeback. Has Humboldt become a hotbed of Hula-ganism? Or is this a nationwide craze? And is there a chance my bell-bottom corduroys are coming back into fashion next?

2 thoughts on “Sunsets And Hula Hoops

  1. miss table manners

    you asked us to get off our butts…and your followers replied…rejoice in YOUR hula-hoop worshipers!!!


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