Starfish at low tide

Starfish at low tide says "Relax, dummy!"

When I was growing up, General Electric claimed “We Bring Good Things To Life.” Sometime in the last decade or so, they must have accepted that this is not always so, as now they offer “imagination at work.” So, does providing a risky containment field count as “imagination at work” or as “bring(ing) good things to life”? Either way, I would have thought that forty years would be enough time for GE to focus a little less on imagination and a little more on reality. And to maybe consider that risking bringing an end to lives, good or otherwise, might not be such a good thing. (pssst! There’s a NAUGHTY WORD later in this post (although in all fairness, it is balanced out by being attached to a picture of kittens), so don’t click on the continue link if you are offended by NAUGHTY WORDS!!!!!!!1!!!ONE!!!ELEVENTY!!!

And because PANIC!!!!! is the American Way, thank you Surgeon General Regina Benjamin for your well-considered words of wisdom at a time when others might call for calm and rationality. Really, let us repeat the excitement of the anthrax threats of ’01 and urge everyone to make a run on duct tape and plastic sheeting. (note to self: Start selling plastic sheeting on eBay, claim it is lead-lined for your comfort and protection. Maybe lead-lined adult diapers as well, so everyone crapping their pants right now can feel that much safer. Is there time to get them Astronaut-endorsed?)

So, for anyone who listened to the Surgeon General rather than calmer voices, here are some kittens someone posted just for you:
Kittens.  Calm Kittens..

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