The vomiting is over, the bathroom dashes are at an end and the burning in the pit of my stomach has subsided to a dull ache. Yay. I am a wimp, I suppose, but I do not like the flu, and I very much do not like losing my weekend. I was ready for the sunshine, ready for something other than a weekend lying in bed and smelling much less than fresh. And considering that we may have a full septic tank, which makes every flush an adventure, I had better things to do.

And since I am complaining already, $1097.00 to interpret a single X-Ray? Really? Oh well . . . it’s not like I had anything better to do with that money. Hopefully, at some point part of the $1097.00 will include actually discussing it with me.

One thought on “Better(ish)

  1. Jennifer O

    Yeah, you are better. Yea!!! for sun!! Great weekend.

    Hmm, yeah not to excited about the toilet. But I have been mentioning it for a while now.

    And really that much for someone to look at your insides and say he needs to stretch more, walk more, and love his wife like there was not tomorrow?? Really that is where we are spending out money. I could have told you that. And not charged you a single thing.

    Love you lots.


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