Big Questions

Saturday is my day for quiet reflection and self-aggrandizing pomposity. Saturday is the day I ask the Big Questions. Why am I here?* Have I led a good life?** Where the hell did I leave my book? Seriously, where is my book? I have been desperate for something to read for weeks, and yesterday discovered the boy-child’s copy of “The Last Olympian” tucked in to the back pocket of the B.A.T.’s passenger-side front seat. And now I have misplaced it. I have already read my latest Linux Journal twice, Scientific American three times, and the ingredients list and nutrition facts on the back of the Trader Joe’s Organic lowfat Yogurt container (which the girl-child uses to feed the largest dog) too many times to count. I need a book, stat!

Some day soon I need to find my way to a local library. I have not gone so far due to an unfortunate combination of circumstances: 1. I am lazy, and 2. I am too depressed when I compare the libraries here to the marvelous libraries in Kootenai County, Idaho. And I tend to procrastinate. And I am really lazy. Sigh . . .

I keep hoping for the whole Nook/Kindle/eReader lending library mess to shake out so that I can use an eLibrary, but so far, nothing seems to be happening. I guess then that it is time to go back to the Deep Thoughs and Big Questions and ask if 9:17am might not be too early to put on some pants already and step outside and enjoy the world.

Oh hey — the boy-child the book under his pillow. No need for pants or the great outdoors for now. Yay!

* Okay, probably more likely just “What’s for breakfast?”
** Okay, probably more likely just “Didn’t I already pee this morning?”

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