Vally Took The Summer With Her

I went to sleep last night with the warmth of August and awoke to a cold house and a day of bright skies and bitter winds. That, and the piles of freshly-fallen redwood leaves tells me that summer left with Vally and fall is upon us. Goodbye, summer. Goodbye, Vally. Hello, harsh days of glare and cold and emptiness.

I Heart Vally

Vally in our hearts

6 thoughts on “Vally Took The Summer With Her

  1. Jennifer O

    Good bye sweet daughter. Hello, new season. Good bye long day. Hello short brisk day. Good bye bitter. Hello sweet.

  2. Jennifer O

    Vally we miss you so much. I could not stop talking about you yesterday. Today you wer my only thought. Until we see you again. . . . love, kisses, and wishes that you were here.


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