Journal Entry 4

Journal Entry 4


So, going by the time on my nook(as I do not yet have a cellphone), I woke up today at 4am. I really am hoping this is incorrect, seeing as I spent most of the night awake.

Just looked at the clock during breakfast (which was fried food AGAIN). It said 6:48. Which means I must have woken up at 6. This comes as a relief. Not much of one, but still.

My sister spent much of this morning trying to get me to take a shower. I do not like showering out of a bucket with smelly water, so I will do it as little as possible. Plus, the fan kept me cool last night (I even had to use the sheet as a really thin blanket), so I don’t smell bad. Then again considering the water, I don’t exactly smell good. Also, it’s been 3 days or so since the bus, and I still do not feel well. MY stomach keeps cramping, and I’ve thrown up twice. Once in the shower, and once last night.

Today I have to go to Changuinola to buy a school uniform. Oh joy.

In the past hour, 6 planes have gone overhead. That, or one plane has just been flying in big circles. Until today, I had not heard any planes. Ok, so the planes are little biplanes. I don’t know how many there are.

Just got back from shopping in Changuinola. I got a phone. To be more exact, I got a fucking expensive hunk of plastic masquerading as a phone. The mom pressured me into buying the $85 phone as opposed to the $35 one. She said the one I wanted was bad. It was less expensive. That was the only difference I could see. I also got a uniform, for a grand total of $60. The others all had to get theirs made for them, mine came in the store. Yay for me. Note the sarcasm. I also wasn’t permitted to buy the shoes I wanted and was instead made to buy flats that will fall of my feet when I walk. The only difference between those and the ones I wanted, was that the ones I wanted had a strap to keep them on my feet.

I also met the grandmother today. She seemed nice, as she napped in her hammock, yapping on her cellphone. She had an adorable chihuahua. Note to self: See if I can resell cellphone back in the states…or burn it. We can draw crosses on it, and stick it in a microwave. Also, I need to get out of Guabito. More for the safety of the civilians, and the sanity of the army. Also, for the sake of my insanity. Seriously Maddy, I think I’m losing it. That, and about 5 pounds already. I cannot eat the food.

At least I got to see the others today. Turns out Pheobe doesn’t even have internet, while Lotta has free access to it, and Wow has both a working shower, toilet, and internet. This sucks. I have the urge to run through the house wearing one of my bras on my head and waving tampons around, screaming “I am the Earth-born devil-child!” I just need to check with Maddy on the translation of this…

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