You want to know about me? That’s special. Okay, here’s the link to my old site. Ideally, I will eventually copy my old attempts at stories and poetry to the actual blog rather than leaving them on my old site. In the meantime, you can view the stories here, and the poetry here.

All About Me!!!
Name:  Nathan
Ht:  6’1″ to 6’3″, depending on phase of moon/gravitational pull.
Wt:  195 to 225 pounds, depending on exercise and truffles intake.
DOB:  Late sixties.
Fav. Position:  Deep in a book.
Woodworking (I’m so proud; I still have ten fingers!!!)
Long walks
Disabling my Linux box
Details:  For those of you who are interested, I am 32 and married.  I have two children, nine lizards, one frog, five toads, five fish, one grasshopper, a dog, and one mistress.  Just kidding.  She’s my ex-mistress.  I have been working on this site for ten years now (okay, mainly just thinking “Gee, I ought to build a web-page!”).  What else?  I was born and raised in California, have never been to Germany, and helped Al Gore invent the Internet.
I am currently a web developer and failed writer, occasionally a student, always an artist (I do excellent stick-figures), and would have to say that Zork was the single-most greatest influence in my life.  That, and the fortune program on my Linux box.  I used to live in San Mateo, but came to my senses and moved a bit further north (Santa Rosa).  Life is much greener now.
. . . and things are actually even more green (mildew-encrusted, perhaps); I am living in Humboldt County.  Scary.  Actually, did I ever play Zork?
Update for June 2006: The green-green days of Humboldt are long past. For the last year or so, I’ve been lurking in my basement in Northern Idaho, enjoying life on the high prairie. As I write this, I notice that the temperature is hovering around 105f in the shade, so “enjoying” life may not quite be accurate. Thank whatever that I have a pool in the compound.
Update for 2010: Idaho is now in the past. We have returned to Humboldt, ready to face the mildew and the damp and hopefully build a house. Anybody want to buy the Idaho compound?

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