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Conversations With Myself

Oh Marmaduke, you’re such a card . . . what are you doing no- f**k me, is this thing on? Oh hey there . . . so, what is today’s topic? Oh yeah, California versus Idaho. I like California, I really do. But I also like paying a dollar less per gallon of gas, half per kilowatt of electricity, and not having to dodge piles of shi… feces while walking in public places.

So, California, or more precisely, Humboldt County, California: Majestic redwoods, foggy mornings and sunny afternoons, beautiful windswept beaches, and the mighty banana slug. I do not think I could give up the ocean again. Humboldt is beautiful, but suffers from a poor economic base and the high cost of California living. Everything from land to gas to milk to taxes is more expensive here, even though so many here are poor. Maybe if we weren’t paying $4.47 per gallon of gas, we would have more money for more important things, like cookies.

Idaho, or Coeur d’Alene anyway, is flat and cold and filled with people who believe the current President is a Kenyan Marxist Socialist Nazi Communist Manchurian Candidate (i.e. “the sheriff is near”). It is also quite affordable. And unlike Humboldt, Kootenai County has no shortage of doctors and great libraries. It may not have as many breweries as Humboldt, but it does have Trader Joe’s, Lowes, Home Depot and Spokane, WA nearby. I would sell my wife for a Trader Joe’s in my area (hey, TJ’s people, are you listening?) . . .

If I switch to driving a UEV and move the family into one of these, California might just match Idaho on the affordability front. Idaho will never match California on the oceanfront and banana slug front, however.

You are my love, you are my dreams, you are my everything

There are many advantages to a home office: Short commute, no gas costs, no traffic jams, a comfortable work environment, no pants . . . Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. The refrigerator is only a short walk away. It is easy to forget to shower, or even get dressed for the day. Six dogs in a small house inevitably leads to the overwhelming aroma of dog flatulence . . . Continue reading

Mr. Technology

Mr. Technology here, battling my router manufacturer, upgrading old machines, converting operating systems, and wishing for fewer blackouts. My router technology outdated ten years ago, and while my neighbors are probably too stoned to figure out how to hack my network, it was time to upgrade. Continue reading

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Tsunami A Wash

Most of the local schools are closed, low-lying areas have been evacuated, and they have begun rolling blackouts, just to make it more exciting. So far, though, this tsunami has been a bit of a bust. That is a good thing, right?

Since we had no power, we spent the morning at the Beachcomber Cafe in Trinidad and occasionally wandered over to the old lighthouse to join the crowds gathered there to see the sea. It did many sea-like things. What it did not do was come rushing in and wash away the Trinidad pier. No destruction is a good thing, considering how many houses are built on or below sea level in Eureka and Arcata and in between.

And now, back to work.

I Will Always Love You, Beach

It’s only February, and I am in shorts and a t-shirt, wandering the seaside and soaking up the sun. The tide is high and the waves are only a foot or so tall, but the surfers keep flocking to the beach. These calm days are incredible, making me once again wonder why I took a five year Idaho break. My own private Idaho was a hellish snowscape, followed by a few weeks of wonderful weather, followed by blistering heat and a losing battle against knapweed and the slow collapse of everything related to my house. Damn, the previous owner (and builder) certainly had a love for low grade pvc and creative wiring, didn’t he? Continue reading

More Beachy

The day bounced between rain and sun. I took a late walk to Moonstone during a sunshine moment but mostly spent the day doing nothing. I think I like nothing very much. Once again, hula hoops came into the picture. As I was leaving, a group of four hoopers with hoops of several sizes were heading for the shore. Fascinating. I wanted to stay and see what the latest routines would be, but home and children were calling. Jennie, meanwhile, spent the day getting used to Vegas, and may not hate it quite as much as she did last night.

Sunsets And Hula Hoops

I realize that, other than perhaps in the context of “Ow, I think I broke my . . . ” (yes, thank you, always delightful Mrs. M, for your kind words and mockery on that point. 😛 I’m getting better, I swear! ‘Tis but a scratch . . . I’ll be back to guarding my bridge in no time), hipness and I are worlds apart. My hairstyle can be best described as “Don’t you think it’s time for a haircut?” and my clothes, almost exclusively purchased by others as I am not all that keen on shopping, are usually whatever I wore the day before. Fortunately, it is not turtles all the way down, as I am reminded that bathing is somewhat mandatory in polite company, and clean clothes do find their way onto me occasionally. Continue reading