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Mr. Technology

Mr. Technology here, battling my router manufacturer, upgrading old machines, converting operating systems, and wishing for fewer blackouts. My router technology outdated ten years ago, and while my neighbors are probably too stoned to figure out how to hack my network, it was time to upgrade. Continue reading

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A Weekend of Russian Brides and Erectile Dysfunction

Hopefully nobody received spam from me this weekend. If so, I apologize, and hey, suck it up! I am not sure, but I think my main email account was compromised for a few hours, judging by all of the bounceback messages filling my inbox Saturday morning. Apparently, I was advertising Sexy Russian Brides and various erectile dysfunction meds. Considering that I prefer my brides imaginary and fully support dysfunctional erections, it obviously was not me sending out this crap. Continue reading

Stroking It

Living in fear of prostate cancer? A few strokes a day keeps the
doctor away
, it appears! And I thought it was just good for putting
hair on your palms and off your head. Okay, one last whack at this topic: No wonder I feel so old and tired . . . And now, back to the real world. But first, remember that the terrorists have won if we can no longer download mp3s off the internet!