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The Dark Side

My conversion to the Dark Side is complete. I watched my wife go over and scoffed at her, how easily-led she was, how willing to lock herself in to a predetermined path. Then came Vally, showing me the power and ease of using the dark side. I liked my freedom, liked being able to do things my own way and on my own terms, but the structured world they offered was tempting.

XP on Mac?  Are you f**king kidding me?

Something is seriously wrong with you, boy . . .

After years of struggling on my own, dealing with the aftermath of unmatched freedom and competing ideas, I finally did it: I bought my own MacBook Pro and joined the Dark Side. And I have to say, I love it. A trackpad that actually works? A trackpad that provides useful navigation and input? What novel ideas! A UI that is stable, and programs that don’t mysteriously crash or include text that matches the background (I’m looking at YOU, VLC on LXDE!!!)? What a novel idea! Yes, I still love my various Linux laptops, but I think I’m stuck in the beauty and simplicity of the Mac world for a while now. I’d better be, now that I have the wireless trackpad, keyboard and number pad.

Luke’s Joint

Anyone out there like bacon? How about chocolate? Cheesecake? If you answered YES!!! to all three, you need to try the bacon-walnut cheesecake at Luke’s Joint in Arcata. I’ve seen Luke’s on the Plaza for a while now, but haven’t gone in, thinking it was just another barbeque place. While yes, they do serve awesome barbeque, they are anything but “just another” barbeque place. The food is delicious, and I am going back to my take-home slice of cheesecake. Goodbye.

p.s. — don’t forget to take me with you if you go!

Get A Job, Hippie!

Oh, Humboldt!- you’re embarrassing yourself. Richardson Grove is beautiful, Humboldt is awesome, but we need decent roadways. This is not a clear-cut. This is not a deforestation. This IS good for Humboldt, assuming that you consider letting us stay connected to the outside world and thrive a positive thing. Quit being stupid and accept that growth requires change. If a meandering two-way highway through the trees was all that was needed to get people in and out of Humboldt County, that would be evidence that the world had passed us by. Personally, I LIKE being able to live here and not have a completely stagnant economy and culture.


The fine folks over at Big Sky Brewing Company, brewers of Moose Drool, got back to me and encouraged me to drink another bottle. Not one to avoid a challenge, I downed the noon beer and have to report that it tasted nothing like crap. Actually, it was quite good. I recommend drinking cold beer in the middle of a hot working day to all of my friends! A more rigorous test would be to drink all five remaining beers, not just the one, but wandering away from my desk and drowning in the swimming pool does not seem like all that good an idea. Yet. I still prefer the taste on tap, but it may just be a situational preference: Draft Drool means that I am at Capone’s, away from the house; bottled Drool means that I am home, hoping that it will eventually cool down and rain. Thank you, Big Sky! (if you want to replace my bad bottle with a good keg, I can send you my address later)

Nature Infomercial

Wow. Last night I experienced the most spectacular fireworks show I have ever seen. We had three large displays to our west (Liberty Lake, Spokane, Spokane Valley?), one to our southwest (no idea), one to the south (Post Falls), one to the southeast (Coeur d’Alene), one to the northeast (Hayden? Rathdrum? Someone with a lot of cash and a love of watching things that go boom?), and several pyro-oriented neighbors to the north. Rockets provided glare in a rainbow of colours, not just red, and great boomings were to be had from every direction.
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Good Oatmeal

Breakfast wasn’t bad, actually. The oatmeal was extremely unusual for a hotel restaurant: Not mushy, with caramelized bananas. I was quite impressed until I tasted my fresh-squeezed orange juice. Even less impressed with the undissolved concentrate in the bottom of my glass when I finished the fresh-squeezed orange juice. I suppose they meant that at some point in the processing, hopefully before the heat pasteurization, the oranges were squeezed.

Good oatmeal, bad o.j., great view. I can see snow falling on the mountains (or is it just wishful thinking and an overcast sky?). I wouldn’t mind some fresh snow here as well. Speaking of deep subjects, it’s time to go navigate the sheet of ice that constitutes a parking lot in these here parts.