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Lost Weekend

It’s Monday again, innit? Damn. ‘Twas a lost weekend, as far as I am concerned. Saturday we raced the kids around to social events and repeatedly cleaned the goldfish tank, which was filling nicely with an algal bloom. If the goldfish could talk, I am sure he would have echoed the sentiments of Kermit. Sunday was stress day, followed by chasing the sheep in the rain for a few hours. No, you sick buggers, not for that . . . we had to vaccinate and tag lambs. Eventually the wife snapped, and we gave up on that exciting adventure. At least we all ended up covered in mud and smelling of sheep. That has to count for something, right?

Kung Fool Panda Sheep and Mom

Happy Birthday, Kung Fool Panda!

Our little Panda is now one year old. I would show a picture of him today, but he’s been hanging out in the dirt and REALLY needs a bath. I know there is some white under there somewhere, under all that grey and brown and maybe even a little algae green . . .

And since he is now almost as wide as he is tall, he looks kind of like a tick. Oh little Panda, don’t get wedged between the trees . . . Continue reading

You are my love, you are my dreams, you are my everything

There are many advantages to a home office: Short commute, no gas costs, no traffic jams, a comfortable work environment, no pants . . . Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. The refrigerator is only a short walk away. It is easy to forget to shower, or even get dressed for the day. Six dogs in a small house inevitably leads to the overwhelming aroma of dog flatulence . . . Continue reading


The Latest in Lambs

This past week brought us two new lambs, one from Bonnie-Bell and one from Vally. The first is a tiny little ram lamb, seen in the following pictures with some other nosy little lamb (whose name, or at least lineage, I’d tell you if I could remember it at the moment). For now, we are calling him Patrick Cabbage. Continue reading

March Lambs

We had two new lambs hanging out in the pasture yesterday morning. One looks like he was born the night before, and the other that morning. Like their mothers, their personalities are quite different.

The little boy has a very friendly mom, always coming up to demand treats when we are out there. Her little lamb stood on my boots while we fed them, and let me pet him.

Koala Lamb?

Koala Lamb?

Continue reading


Lambs are just popping out all over these days: Two in January, one at the beginning of this month, and two last night/this morning. Pictures coming in the next day or so . . .

lamb and brick

Me and My Brick