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Green Doom

Light in the dark

Incandescent Heaven

And with a crackle-pop, another compact fluorescent bulb explodes in a cloud of mercury and burning plastic. I get to air the house, clean up the mess and reflect on the differences between packaging (“bulbs last 10 years or more”) and reality (bulbs die a flaming, smelly death in a year or less). This probably explains the two year warranty on the ten year bulbs. Is it wrong of me to think the warranty should last as long as the bulb is expected to last? These bulbs are supposed to be built to strict energy efficiency guidelines. Hopefully some day they will be built to strict quality guidelines as well. I also hope that I have saved some money on electricity, because the yearly replacement of CF bulbs is definitely lightening my wallet. Continue reading

Come again?

(warning, some may find my included links NSFW)

Some days you learn way more than you ever wanted to know, whether it be about home remedies for depression, or the latest in yoghurt toppings.

I am still trying to decide if the PT article is an attempt to convince women to have more unprotected sex with psychologists (“Hey baby, what’s your sign? Want a little injection of antidepressant?”) or completely serious. Somehow I missed the sourced article in Scientific American, although I am guessing it was only in the online version, not the print version. Continue reading

Get A Job, Hippie!

Oh, Humboldt!- you’re embarrassing yourself. Richardson Grove is beautiful, Humboldt is awesome, but we need decent roadways. This is not a clear-cut. This is not a deforestation. This IS good for Humboldt, assuming that you consider letting us stay connected to the outside world and thrive a positive thing. Quit being stupid and accept that growth requires change. If a meandering two-way highway through the trees was all that was needed to get people in and out of Humboldt County, that would be evidence that the world had passed us by. Personally, I LIKE being able to live here and not have a completely stagnant economy and culture.

Misplaced Hope

Moonstone Beach is memories. A first kiss, painful goodbyes, a childhood in the surf and sand and river. I have picnicked here, lost my clothes and found warmth and ecstasy in a lover here, discovered in deafening silence the vast distance between you and me. And today I watch the sunset, and two dogs running in surf, barking at waves. Further out, a pair of surfers are paddling to sea. Unfortunately, there is a vast fog bank stretching north and south as far as the eye can see, so really, I have to imagine the sun setting behind pink-tinged fog.

I try not to get my hopes up that you will join me. It would not be a Humboldt County beach without the skunky stench of weed, would it? Still, I would not mind a few hits myelf to dull my hopes. I would make a fool of myself, hacking and gagging, but if it quelled my hope for you and suppressed the eventual dissapointment of no you, it would be worth it. Some day I hope to have the words to express how I feel when you are not with me. As every day ends, I say goodbye, my love.