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Population Explosion

So lambikins is doing well, although we still haven’t named her. She’s a maniac, jumping all over the other sheep, racing about and tripping over her feet. Still no second lamb yet, though.

In the meantime, chicks have started hatching, so now we’ve got more barnyard babies running around. Okay, not exactly running, as they spend most of their time tucked under their mom’s wings. If I were less lazy, I’d provide pics. Too bad. Two of them hatched on their own, the third I had to break out of its egg after it had given up. The girl-child named the third one Lucky. With our luck, it will be a boy and she will have to rename it Dinner.

Out of 22 eggs, we’ve had three hatch so far. I plan on building an incubator for next year, as this doesn’t sound like the best hatch rate. That, and the few we’ve had to remove because they’ve definitely been bad have caused the coop to smell a bit too ripe. My gag reflex can’t take much more.