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Doom and Gloom

This is not my goldfish

This is not my goldfish

The goldfish is dying. He quit eating on Friday, and has been swimming sideways since Saturday. I can see him gasping, but beyond providing a quick and (hopefully) painless death, have nothing I could do for him. Poor little guy. It would be kinder to end his life now, but I hold false hope that he will suddenly start swimming around happily again. Continue reading


There’s nothing like a long weekend to recharge the batteries. We commemorated or miseralated or whatever it is you’re supposed to do by having one of my aunts die on Friday, the girl-child’s pet fish die on Saturday, and the attempted committing of sister crazypants on Monday (a 72 hour observation would be great!). Sunday was for rest. Today it’s back to work.

I fly to San Jose Friday, attend the funeral Saturday and will be back Sunday afternoon to deal with whatever insanity is planned for next weekend. I’m sure it will be a delight. I look forward to an uneventful June. Please?

Grasshoppers and Death

Tragedy has struck our household. In an attempt to brighten up the grasshoppers’ home (Lils had two (grasshoppers, not homes)), Jennie brought home an ornamental cabbage. I suppose that it looks nice, in a way, now that it has killed both of Lil’s grasshoppers. Services will be tomorrow at 9 a.m., PDT.

On a happier note, I’ve finally written a few new poems, essays, and other assorted pieces of garbage, one of which I posted. What else? — Oh yes, we are now the proud parents of a sandfish (scincus scincus). And with that, I am going back to bed.