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Vote, dummy!

I stayed up late last night to see how this mess would start.  Or is it end?  The start of the end, I guess.  Thank you, Dixville, for showing hope.  Now the rest of you, get out there and vote!

And to the little girl down the street squeaking “Vote Barack Obama for President!” this morning, thank you as well.  I like my worldview being reiterated, even if I was still trying to sleep here.

Get a job, you bum!

Well, I just threw away $100.00, paying off an Internet panhandler. I’m tired of thinking that the creepy old gnome and the religious loon might win this election thing that is coming up (or so I hear), so I donated my coffee money for the next month to that nice colored fella with the old white hipster guy running mate. Okay Barry, you’d better win this thing, or I’m going to need my coffee money back.