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Luke’s Joint

Anyone out there like bacon? How about chocolate? Cheesecake? If you answered YES!!! to all three, you need to try the bacon-walnut cheesecake at Luke’s Joint in Arcata. I’ve seen Luke’s on the Plaza for a while now, but haven’t gone in, thinking it was just another barbeque place. While yes, they do serve awesome barbeque, they are anything but “just another” barbeque place. The food is delicious, and I am going back to my take-home slice of cheesecake. Goodbye.

p.s. — don’t forget to take me with you if you go!

Lights Out

Sitting in darkness on a morning like this, it is the little things that I miss most. Lights. Heat. Refrigeration. Yes, I am truly back in Humboldt. I know because we are ten hours into a power outage and I am being reminded of the one thing North Idaho did better: Keep the lights on. Continue reading