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Loser Loser Loser

So the good news is that McCain’s been caught doing stupid things once again, as shown here and here. Hopefully this story will gain some traction here in the U.S.. Um, yeah, sure it’s a software glitch . . .

The bad news is we’re still using the same electronic voting machines that were (in)famously guaranteed to provide President Dubya with a win in Ohio. And right now, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of stealing votes in West Virginia.


Considering Bush has been selling America to the Chinese over the past seven years, it makes sense he’d ask for SOMETHING in return besides loans for our Global War of Terror. Funny, I always thought one of the pillars of the conservative movement was personal responsibility. I guess that doesn’t extend to war money.

Sigh . . . if only the pretzel plot had succeeded . . .