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Moving Again

Did I mention that I have moved? No? I have moved. My commute, on those rare moments that I head into the office, is approximately one and a half hours. Fortunately, I rarely go to work.

What is new in this life? I like Santa Rosa much more than I do San Mateo — much greener. My office is quite crowded; I share it with a (supposed) Madagascar red-sided skink, a sandfish (scincus scincus), two jewelled curlytails, one Bahamian curlytail, and a betta. Fortunately, they are generally fairly quiet. I have added a new section, entitled ‘The Boy’. I will eventually follow up with, yes, ‘The Girl’. In it are the first photos that I have scanned of the boy child.

As everyone else seems to have jumped on to the ‘tragedy’ bandwagon, I thought I would add my own ha’ penny wieght in observations. The events of September 11 were undoubtedly a tragedy, albeit one that left me strangely unaffected. I lost no loved ones (nor casual acquaintances), knew no one who lost family, friends, or loved ones. Is it because I am one of the few Americans who lacks a television (okay, I have a television, just no satellite, cable, or standard broadcast reception)? I doubt it. I have read reports in the newspaper and on the internet. I am impressed by the incredible destruction, and by the dedication to what can only be described as evil, demonstrated by the terrorists. So far, the only deaths that have had an effect in my life, have been those of nonhumans. From my perspective, the greater tragedy is the way some of us have used this as an opportunity to reign terror on our own countrymen, whether they be of Middle Eastern descent, or just mistaken for being so. Oh well, it just proves my basic belief in life: ‘People suck’. Some people seem to suck more than others. Anyway, back to Parts.

Six Months of Silence

Wow. Six months of silence. I’ve been busy, damn it! Let’s see, first, Phoenix Networks (my ISP) was bought out by Telocity (Boo! Hiss!), then NorthPoint Communications went under, leaving me with an ISP, but no lines to connect with. So that, combined with moving once again, left me pretty much unable to update this damned thing. Okay, that and my general laziness. What else? I decided I wasn’t managerial material, and gave up my office for a cube (excellent move, I believe), and then arranged to work remotely, so I barely ever see my cube. Next step: Get paid for just thinking about working.

Nothing new yet, since I still haven’t hooked up the scanner, and am not ready to go through the effort of copying all of my random scribblings onto the computer. Just wanted to let the world (both of you) know that I’m still alive. I will bow to pressure and put up pictures of the kids soon, I promise.