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Lights Out

Sitting in darkness on a morning like this, it is the little things that I miss most. Lights. Heat. Refrigeration. Yes, I am truly back in Humboldt. I know because we are ten hours into a power outage and I am being reminded of the one thing North Idaho did better: Keep the lights on. Continue reading

Battling Literacy

I’ve heard it argued that to help battle illiteracy, parents should read the daily newspaper with their children. This will stimulate their minds, inform them about the world around them and help them develop a lifelong love of reading. That may work well in some parts of the country, but up here in northern Idaho, we’re all rugged individualists. We don’t like to follow other people’s trends, but make our own. And where is this screw-you attitude most apparent? In our daily newspapers, apparently. The names, faces and stories have been blurred to protect the innocent, but the headlines are there in all their glory. Oh, what beautiful Annivyrsariys, Wyddings, Engagymynts and 4Births . . .

Bad paper!