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Get A Job, Hippie!

Oh, Humboldt!- you’re embarrassing yourself. Richardson Grove is beautiful, Humboldt is awesome, but we need decent roadways. This is not a clear-cut. This is not a deforestation. This IS good for Humboldt, assuming that you consider letting us stay connected to the outside world and thrive a positive thing. Quit being stupid and accept that growth requires change. If a meandering two-way highway through the trees was all that was needed to get people in and out of Humboldt County, that would be evidence that the world had passed us by. Personally, I LIKE being able to live here and not have a completely stagnant economy and culture.

Humboldt Bound

Twelve hours from now, I begin my journey to Humboldt County. Vishnu willing, I should be there by noon tomorrow. Oh, the joy; walking to the beach and kicking back in the sand to work on my fog tan. Well, almost. I’m actually still going to be working. But at least I will be in Humboldt, feeling my lungs mildew over and enjoying the fresh scent of the pulp mill blowing across the bay. Aspergillus, here I come!