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I Will Always Love You, Beach

It’s only February, and I am in shorts and a t-shirt, wandering the seaside and soaking up the sun. The tide is high and the waves are only a foot or so tall, but the surfers keep flocking to the beach. These calm days are incredible, making me once again wonder why I took a five year Idaho break. My own private Idaho was a hellish snowscape, followed by a few weeks of wonderful weather, followed by blistering heat and a losing battle against knapweed and the slow collapse of everything related to my house. Damn, the previous owner (and builder) certainly had a love for low grade pvc and creative wiring, didn’t he? Continue reading

More Beachy

The day bounced between rain and sun. I took a late walk to Moonstone during a sunshine moment but mostly spent the day doing nothing. I think I like nothing very much. Once again, hula hoops came into the picture. As I was leaving, a group of four hoopers with hoops of several sizes were heading for the shore. Fascinating. I wanted to stay and see what the latest routines would be, but home and children were calling. Jennie, meanwhile, spent the day getting used to Vegas, and may not hate it quite as much as she did last night.

Break My Fingers If I Get Poetic Again

Stare into the noonday sun
and feel the heat upon me
I used to know a girl who turned me ’round
crazy and beautiful and a little bit scary
she stole my heart away.
Days pass by, the girl is gone
nothing but memories of yesterday.
Thinking back on early love
it’s easy to dismiss
feelings that were once so strong
no more than a shadow’s kiss today.

Stare into the noonday sun
and feel the heat upon me
These days I know a woman who’s turned me ’round
crazy and beautiful and much more scary
she steals my heart away.
Days pass by and I wonder
will she become just memories too?
Or is this what I’ll look upon
years from this time now
and realize these feelings
are the ones that do not fade away.