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No On Prop. H8

It’s a bit late, considering we are voting on the issue today (and by we, I mean you Californians, not us visiting Idahoans), but I’ve decided that it should be Yes on 8.  Of course, Prop 8 needs to be reworked slightly first:  The current benefits of marriage need to be stripped away so that a marriage is purely religious in nature.  To those of us who want the current benefits and support of marriage, we would need a civil ceremony, which would be available to any couples, gay or straight.

With this reworking, churches such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that want to promote intolerance and bigotry, can do so within the bounds of their own religion and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.  Since there are plenty of Christian sects out there that aren’t still so hung up on no longer being able to discriminate against blacks and women that they have to focus all their hatred on the gays, those can be the faiths for the hopeful Christians of America. 

For those of us who accept that god is a word, rather than God the Word, we can be happy celebrating our religion-free marriages.  And to that, I say “Thank God.”  Oops.

Vote, dummy!

I stayed up late last night to see how this mess would start.  Or is it end?  The start of the end, I guess.  Thank you, Dixville, for showing hope.  Now the rest of you, get out there and vote!

And to the little girl down the street squeaking “Vote Barack Obama for President!” this morning, thank you as well.  I like my worldview being reiterated, even if I was still trying to sleep here.

You betcha!

I like to think that he really gets it, but I know that (for now, at least) he’s just parroting what he has heard around the house. Anyway, here is my son’s take on the elections, as told us by his teacher:

I wanted to relay a quick story about Aaron:

Yesterday we were discussing the upcoming election and how voting was important etc….Aaron raised his hand, and said very seriously, “We can not afford four more years of this, and that is what John McCain is offering!” It cracked me up! He sounded so knowledgeable and well informed, like a little grown up!

Thanks for everything!


After having met my daughter’s teachers, I was surprised and delighted that my son’s teacher actually enjoyed his input. The boy-child attends a regular public school, whereas the girl-child attends a charter school. In the charter school parking lot, the sea of teacher and staff SUVs are encrusted with shiny new McCain/Palin bumper stickers, and peeling Bush/Cheney ’00 and ’04 bumper stickers. The boy-child’s school?- not so much.

Sure, the boy-child’s school has its share of anti-progress, pro-destruction constituents on staff, but it also has a few brave voters who consider the future to be important. While my vote is a waste here in Idaho, it is at least somewhat heartening to know there are others who are willing to waste their votes with me.