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Financial Genius

The stock market is ticking up again. You can thank me with cash or chocolate, your choice. Yes, it was me and my decision to buy a new printer and espresso machine, bouying up the market. Send cash now, and I will get a new computer and really get this whole stock market thingie cranked up. Okay, maybe that G20 deal had something to do with it, but mostly it was me.

So Spring has been a wash this year. The First Robin of Spring was in the back yard the other day, perched in the walnut tree with the Second through Fifteenth Robin of Spring and an assorted collection of Starlings of the Apocalypse. They looked hopeful, but mainly pissed that it was snowing again. In a day or two, when the snow melts, I am sure I will find a few of them frozen to the ground. Maybe you should have waited for the ground to thaw a bit before going after worms, silly!

I do need a new computer, though. Once again, my highly static nature has wiped out a machine. The sad beeps at startup tell me it is the memory. I’ve tested the memory, however, and it all works, just no longer in that computer. I can use one memory chip at a time as well. So it is actually the motherboard. Sigh . . . I am off to the computer graveyard in the back shop with yet another computer corpse.